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The BMCS After School Club (ASC), based at Bannerman Road School, has now been running for 7 years and runs every Monday to Friday from 3pm to 5pm for children aged 5 to 11 years old. The children at the club are from all backgrounds, cultures and faith/no faith communities. The school is unique in delivering quality play activities and at the same time ensuring cultural requirements are met with Arabic classes using the Qur’an as the primary source, as well as delivering the Islam and Citizenship Education programme.

We provide a wide range of play activities, which include arts & crafts, indoor games, outdoor activities, reading, baking, gardening, dressing up, creative play and many more. Much time is spent on planning the activities, ensuring we have the right resources as well as ensuring all staff are aware of their roles whilst delivering these activities. Through play we aim to promote self-esteem, confidence, respect for others, develop the ability to think and work on initiative as well as in a team. Most importantly, we aim to promote an environment where children want to learn and enjoy learning. Children can relax or let off steam after a busy day at school, take part in one of our organised activities or feel free to participate in an activity of their own choice.

After School Club

A unique quality of the After School Club is that we also provide a high standard of Arabic classes for all – including Quranic tuition. Parents have expressed pleasure at the standards enjoyed by their children and the levels of their progress. The fact that children who are no longer at After School Club still return to attend these classes speaks volumes.

The After School Club continue to deliver our innovative “Islam and Citizenship Education” (ICE) lessons as well as a broader and more useful understanding of Islamic values. The programme includes discussions on respect for oneself and others, conflict and resolution, enquiry and research, law and order, tolerance, respect and love for humanity, living in a multi-faith society, volunteering and giving charity, British or Muslim, or British Muslim, community cohesion, the environment, diversity, racism, rights and responsibilities, informed decisions and responsible actions, and much more. This course encourages reflection, further investigation through questioning and will ultimately empower the children by providing them with the tools necessary to develop further understanding after their time at the After School Club.


In the past, we have offered SATs support for Literacy, Numeracy and Science to, predominantly, year 6 children and when possible, to year 5 children by providing additional after school classes and even half-term sessions supervised by experienced year 6 teachers. This provision has helped to ensure that the SATs results achieved by the children were exceeded by their predicted grades. This type of support will allow them to enter secondary education on par with their peers from traditionally better achieving schools, thereby supporting their future academic success, careers prospects and their overall quality of life.

The After School Club has a practice of supporting workers and volunteers with their development needs and so, ensuring all our supporters are valued and encouraged. We have employed an experienced and well-established team who work well with the children, parents and school staff. Our work at the After School Club in supporting our staff and children has been recognised as many of our teachers and children received awards at the Pauline Weise Awards ceremony.




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