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Muslim Youth Forum

Muslim Youth Forum was a project that was successfully commissioned by the Youth Offending Team (YOT) to create and deliver Youth Forums, across the city within schools in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. The need for the project was a result of the feedback received from young people who requested an open forum to discuss and share opinions on issues they face in every day life.

The Muslim Youth Forums allowed for the experienced BMCS staff and facilitators to be available to mentor and help young people identify appropriate sources of further help and support. This, in turn, helped in developing their knowledge of their faith with particular emphasis on challenging misconceptions within the Muslim communities as well as the wider society, understanding Islamic history and use of language, raising awareness of the Muslim contribution to modern civilisation, as well as looking at key areas to enhance self-awareness, confidence and personal development.

YP MYF Session

Through our extensive experience of developing and working with a diverse range of youth groups and organisations including our extensive work with secondary schools delivering our “Demystifying Islam” programmes, we were able to further develop a working relationship with and utilise the support of these partners to develop the Muslim Youth Forum within their premises.

Through these programmes of activities, BMCS was able to reach an unrivalled number of young Muslims. We received incredible, virtually unanimous support and encouragement from the young people in all the schools that were contacted.

The Muslim Youth Forum not only sought to build the resilience of young Muslims to extremist ideology but also offered an opportunity for young Muslims to legitimately express any potential concerns on world events (e.g. foreign policy) or the challenges of being a young Muslim in 21st century UK.


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