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Social Development Through Sport

The BMCS social development through sport was developed in 2010 as an inner city project that provides young people, from a range of diverse backgrounds, an environment to develop their character skills using sport as a tool. The project is run every Saturday situated at Metropolitan Academy from 11.00am to 2.00pm and caters for a variety of age groups through individual and age targeted sessions. Current membership stands at 41 young people, with average attendances of 25 participants per session.

The sessions are built around four key attributes - Teamwork, Communication, Leadership and Responsibility. The sessions serve not only to improve health and well being of individuals but also to develop current and future life skills, which can be beneficial in employment, education and social interaction, through improving participant’s confidence.

Both staff and participants have built an excellent rapport and we often find that the young attendees are willing to actively engage with BMCS in other areas away from sport, for personal development. BMCS has also been able to help over 30 young people in 2010/11, through their confidence in our staff, to discuss challenges that they face in life such as drugs, crime, religion and personal family matters.

BMCS has further improved the professionalism of the sessions through providing training to its staff by offering an opportunity to undertake and gain FA coaching qualifications, which were successfully passed in 2011. This has insured a firm foundation for the future growth of this exciting project as well as looking to develop our staff in 2012 and beyond, through further coaching qualifications.

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