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During May and June 2010, in partnership with Building the Bridge and Bristol City Council, BMCS took over 500 Bristol residents from a variety of organisations to London Science Museum to the award winning 1001 inventions exhibition. The exhibition traces the forgotten story of 1000 years of science from the Muslim world from the 7th century onwards and looks at the social, scientific and technical achievements that are credited to the Muslim world, whilst celebrating the shared scientific heritage of other cultures.

The event featured a diverse range of over 60 interactive, sensory and static exhibits and demonstrated how many modern inventions can trace their roots back to Muslim civilisation. Attendees of all ages were educated and entertained across its seven dedicated zones:

Home: The 1000 year old inventions that still shape our everyday life
Market: How influential ideas spread through travel and trade
School: Learning, libraries and their links with the past
Hospital: How ancient approaches to health have influenced today’s medicine Town: Why East and West share so much architectural heritage
World: The explorers of 1000 years ago
Universe: How ancient astronomers expanded our view of the universe

1001 Text

The project was an outstanding success and helped its participants in challenging the myth that violent extremists use, which is that Muslims and Islam are incompatible with western civilisation. It described how everyday items we use and see today have joint Muslim and non-Muslim influences, as well as promoting stronger understanding of faith, culture and the world civilisations shared history.


Through undertaking the project, BMCS was able to create stronger partnerships with organisations around Bristol and would like to thank the following in helping make this such a memorable project –

Building the Bridge, Andalusia Islamic School for Girls, 1st Bristol Muslim Scouts, Council of Bristol Mosques, Barnardos, Humdard, Bristol Taleem-ul-Islam Trust (BTIT), Muslim Schools Supplementary Project (MSSP),Bristol Central Mosque, Easton Masjid, Islami Darasgah, Shah Jalal, Bristol Jamia Mosque, Bristol City Council, Bristol Arabic Classes.

BMCS would also like to give a special thank you to Turners Coach company and its drivers for its flexibility in reducing our costs to enable us to take a larger number of coaches and therefore, a larger number of people than we expected.

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