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Cultural Awareness

1) General Cultural Awareness Work

Since 2001, we have delivered over 800 bespoke presentations to over 25,000 people from the public, private and voluntary sectors, including school, colleges, sixth forms and university students. The crucial element of success in the presentations is our eagerness and ability to engage the audience to ask any question they wish to, with no subject taboo, no reason to be politically correct and no reason to feel embarrassed or worried about asking the question - no matter how provocative or controversial!

Our audiences have been as small as groups of 3 to groups as large as 500!

This wealth of experience and feedback has allowed us to not only constantly improve the presentation but also, to make it remarkably flexible, easy to adapt to each and every possible required emphasis, thereby making it the most thorough, relevant, insightful presentation of its kind.

The feedback from these sessions has been overwhelmingly positive. It may be worthwhile to re-emphasise here that BMCS has never advertised this service; our clients have been generated purely on recommendation from other service users

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