Community Iftar Project (CIP)

The Community Iftar Project established in 2016 hosts community iftar events in schools across Bristol. We believe that schools are the hubs of the community and that’s why we choose to host iftars at schools. The iftar events facilitate an evening of education, enjoyment and a sense of belonging.

The Community Iftar Project events welcomes all walks of life to celebrate the month of Ramadan, engaging in conversation and expressing beliefs. The aim is bringing the community of Bristol closer in this terrible time of disasters, despair across the globe and ultimately increase community cohesion.

For more information, please get in contact with the team.

BMCS Community Support Fund

BMCS will be helping non-profit voluntary organisations, projects, and initiatives in response to the Covid-19 lockdown in the wider Bristol area by providing support in form of collaboration, manpower and funds.

The faith of Islam, which Muslims believe and follow, advocates and encourages the support of the community as a whole.

Cycling Sisters

‘Cycling sisters’ is a community project based in Easton aimed at supporting women from the BAME community to cycle. We offer free cycling lessons and support to all women who want to learn how to ride a bike but particularly those who may be faced with religious or cultural barriers. We offer a private setting for the first stage of learning; to help eliminate any fears or embarrassment, which we all face at times like these! If this sounds like something for you, please get in touch by sending email to

New Muslim Support Network

BMCS initiated the development of the New Muslim Support Network in 2008 in response to the growing number of new Muslims as well as a service for established Muslims in need of faith-based support. Support workers, who are all volunteers, are converts to Islam and British born Muslims. The aim of the Muslim Support Network is to create a warm, friendly and safe environment where all service users will feel at ease and comfortable discussing their needs and required support with NMSN group members.

All members are provided with an introductory pack with books and videos about prayer, fasting, manners etc. BMCS offer follow up support to ensure that the needs of new Muslims are met as well as regular social events to allow members to meet and network with other Muslims. NMSN is a valuable project in identifying issues in regard to common misinterpretations and misunderstandings about the Islamic faith.

Electronic Newsletter

We continue to develop our popular “BMCS Community News and Events Newsletter”, which can be emailed to over 3000 individuals or organisations. The newsletter informs our subscribers about access to services by BMCS and our partners including events that may be of interest and opportunities or initiatives that are available for community members and service users to take advantage of in order to enhance their lives.

To ensure that BMCS reaches a wide audience, we also include key information via our Facebook page. As an organisation, BMCS is consistently exploring new developments available through social media to increase our audience and service users, and as well as collating real-time feedback to improve our services.

BMCS also publishes an additional newsletter service, at the request of family members, to alert subscribers to funeral prayers taking place in the community.