BMCS Community News and Events – France Attacks Special

In light of the two attacks in France in the last few weeks and rising community tensions in France please find below a special issue of our newsletter. It includes some safety tips and advice. It also has advice on how to report Islamophobia should you experience any.

We should continue to go about our day to business as usual and just be a bit more vigilant than normal. It is a case of being alert and not alarmed.

1) General Safety Tips

While it is impossible to predict the effects of the attacks onthe community as a precaution we have attacheda general safety tips guide.
This guide is much too long to list here. It is aimed at Muslim women but isadvice applicable to all. Some of the advice is overkill but is still agood general guide overall on safety.

Please see the attached document entitled “General Safety Tips Guide”

(Please note this guide has not been produced by BMCS but merelysourced and forwarded for information purposes.)

2) Logging Islamophobic Incidents Locally

Please see attached “Reporting Islamophobia Info” graphic bout reporting Islamophobia at a local level.

If you have been or become a victim (God forbid) of any form of Islamophobia or verbal or physical abuse it is very important to log it to build up a record of statistics. It is important to record it locally with SARI or other organisations and also with the Police.
Please do share this with others via FB, Whats App etc.
Where To Report Incidences

Please report to the Police in the first instance by ringing 101 if not an emergency.
The most crucial one to report to is the Police to enable recording of official statistics.
After that please report to any other agency you may feel is relevant to your situation.
The Police -Call 101 – If an emergency response is not required.

The Police -Call 999 – If an emergency response is required.

Please also report to SARI (Support Against Racism and Inequality) and any of the other agencies listed.
SARI can also offer support at a local level.

SARI – 0800 171 2272 (freephone) or 0117 942 0060or email: OR you can report online with SARI at the link below:

3) Logging Islamophobic Incidents Nationally

At a national level we would strongly encourage contacting:MEND and Tell Mama

Both organisations collect information regarding Islamophobia
at a national level. 

MEND Islamophobia Response Unit

Tell Mama
MAMA is a public service for measuring and monitoring anti-Muslim attacks.
Reports can be submitted at the following link:
Please also read the following link for a summary of categories of abuse:
What are the classifications of attack?Attacks are classified as follows:

1. Extreme Violence – i.e, a violent attack on a person / property that has the potential to cause the loss of life or Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH).

2. Assault – i.e, a physical attack against a person whichdoes not pose a threat to their life and is not GBH. This includesobjects being thrown at someone, even if the object misses.

3. Damage and Desecration of Property –i.e, this includes anti-Muslim graffiti being daubedon Muslim property and damage to vehicles motivated by anti-Muslim hatred.

4. Threats – Any clear and specific threat, whetherphysical, verbal or written. If the threat is not clear andspecific then the incident should be recorded as Abusive Behaviour.

5. Abusive Behaviour –Verbal or written anti-Muslim abuse. This can include online abuse as well.

6. Anti-Muslim Literature –Mass produced and mass mailed literature with anti-Muslim content.

4) Keeping Muslims Safe Online Guide

Please see attached “Keeping Muslims Safe Online Nov 2017”

A general guide produced by Faith Associates on keeping safe online
and tackling hate and bigotry online.