Bristol Ramadan 2021 Announcement & Mosque information

Ramadan Mubarak Everyone !!!

Ramadan 2021 has been announced to start on: Tuesday 13th April 2021 & Wednesday 14th April 2021

Tuesday 13th April:
Most Bristol Mosques will be starting Ramadan on Tuesday 13th April 2021.

Wednesday 14th April:
Based on the lack of local moonsighting, the following Mosques in Bristol will begin Ramadan on Wed 14th April 2021.

Bristol Jamia Mosque  |  Easton Jamia Masjid
Faizan e Madina  |  Greenbank MosqueHazrat Bilal Centre  |  Madani Jamia Masjid

Please note all mosques have come to their decisions based on the valid difference of opinion around the sighting of the moon for Ramadan and discussion amongst themselves. We should be respectful of this.

Bristol Mosque Taraweeh arrangements

Please find below a PDF document “Bristol Masjids – Taraweeh Arrangements” with details of arrangements for Taraweeh prayers in various Mosques in Bristol.
Please also find below an infographic (Ramadan Mosque Activity 2021) with some more basic info about five daily prayers, jummah and taraweeh prayers. This has been designed for quick sharing.